When the market is trending, then it is clear to us that, it is either a buy or sell market unlike when the Forex market is on sideways. Even though, there are some limitations to blindly following a market trend specifically when we are late comer but the worst is placing your order against the prevailing trend. If you feel that the market trend is fading off and the market would reverse. Why not wait and see the reversal? Remember, that is not what you feel and think and just what market is doing. The Forex market does not respect our fallings. The way I go, about it when I think the market is either overbought and oversold condition is to take note of that particular pair and wait until the market starts consolidating.

When the market is consolidating, I still do not place an order but wait till, I see a full candlestick formation in the reverse direction, then I know that the market is about to be taken, over by either the bull or the bears depending on who was formally in control. In addition, higher time frame means that, you are seeing how long the bulls or the bears have taken control of the Forex market and that gives a clearer picture of what happens in the market. Hope, you see that trends are the path way to buying or selling.