When traders talk about experience, we only consider it to be for only those who have been in the market for a longer period of time but I think it is not so, we have two stages of experience of Forex trading and they are:

First of all: The experience a trader first gained when he is doing is demo trading. This is when a new Forex trader is more relaxed and he is ready to observe a lot of things from the market as he is trying to develop his own pattern of trading. In the demo he starts seeing those things he has been taught in Forex books and videos. Nobody is telling him that again but he is seeing it himself.

And 2nd stage: On the other hand, this 2nd experience comes after a trader most have been through with demo account and he is now trading on his live trading account. Here he gains his experience from both losses and profits. He gains trading experience from those things that resulted to him losing and from those things he did right that made him gain profit.

Please, I know that no one is perfect here I believe you might have a correction to make or an update to what I have just discussed. That’s way, now I stand being corrected. Feel free to share your view on this.