JAKARTA – JobsDB, a Portal job in Indonesia conducted a survey of workers in Indonesia. The goal is to determine the level of happiness of workers in Indonesia.
The survey showed that as many as 73 percent of respondents were not happy with their jobs now. From the number of respondents who are not happy, 26 percent of them admitted feeling very unhappy because of salary, bonus given facility and the company is not in accordance with the workload.
Not only that, the survey said workers are unhappy because the career path is slow, lack of employee development program, and are not satisfied with the systems and work processes adopted by the company.
The survey is part of a campaign titled happy JobsDB is a better job held in May 2015. In addition to those who claim not happy, there are as many as 72 percent of respondents felt happy with his work for the satisfaction and comfort in the work underwent a major factor to continue to feel happy in the office.
In addition to the satisfaction and comfort factor, other factors that influence the good relations with colleagues and their superiors.
To note, the survey followed by Indonesia with 2,324 respondents in the field of work and diverse career level. A similar survey conducted in several countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand with a total of 7278 people correspondents.

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