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  1. Middle-Earth 20th June 2013 EASY ON EASING: US Fed taper QE3 2013, stop mid 2014 -GD
  2. Middle-Earth 24th June2013 YELLOW vs. GREEN: Gold loses 23% as USD Index rises 3.5%
  3. Middle-Earth 2nd July: FOREX WARS 2013: USD up 6.3 % ,EUR up 5.1 %, JPY falls 8.9 %,
  4. Middle-Earth 3rd July: OFF VITAMINS: US Services, Jobs, Factories gain, Will Sti
  5. Middle-Earth 4th July:RISK RETURNS: Egypt Ouster, China Manufacturing, Portugal Yield
  6. Middle-Earth 8th July: STIMULUS BLUES: US Jobs zoom: Pundits say Gold at 1,150, India
  7. Middle-Earth 9th July: RUPEE RUMBLE: Indian Central Bank and Regulators step in to st
  8. Middle-Earth 10th July:CONTINENTAL CONCERNS: Italy BBB-10Y 3.1%, UK GBP 3Y Low, Franc
  9. Middle-Earth 11th July:GIVE ME WORK: US Fed's Ben Says accommodating Policy till jobs
  10. Middle-Earth 15th July:FULL CIRCLE: China GDP/Industries fall , US Stimulus to stay ,
  11. Middle-Earth 16th July:SAVING R: Indian CB Hikes Interest Rates to Make Cost of Carry
  12. Middle-Earth 17th July: QE AT WORK: US Ben's testimony to Congress, amid rise in Hous
  13. Middle-Earth 18th July: ANTIDOTES: US 85$ B , Japan $70 B Per Month, Greek Austerity
  14. Middle-Earth 12th August: GDP: Japan 2.6% Q2 vs 3.8% Q1 , Singapore up 15.5% , Germany est. 0.75%
  15. Middle-Earth 13th August: SILVER LINING: Forecast Euro-Zone GDP up 0.2% in Q2, 1st time since 2011
  16. SEPTEMBER IS FORESEEABLE?: Forecast: Fed to reduce asset purchases by $10 billion.
  17. RIGHT SAID FED: US Fed "Be cautions of over optimism", QE still hangs in balance
  18. CONTINENTAL COME BACK: Euro Zone shows signs of recovery, German PMI rises.
  19. PING PONG: US New Home Sales and Durable Goods Fall, QE wins a point
  20. MIDDLE EARTH: U.S. said it will hold the Syrian government accountable for the use of chemical weapons
  21. CLOUDS: U.S., France and the U.K. are considering limited military action against Syria. Markets Tumble
  22. EASING STRESS: Gold retreats, as QE easing comes back to focus on US data
  23. CLOUDS RECEDE: US says Congress vote before action on Syria, China Manufacturing Climbs.
  24. EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Asian Currencies at 3 years low as US and EZ recover, QE hangs in balance
  25. CONFLICT: President Obama won support from two opposition lawmakers for a military strike on Syria.
  26. INDIA'S REVIVAL: New Governor -Dollar swaps at 3.5%, Foreign Investment in Pension, NRI Deposits raised .
  27. FED HEAD: Summers perceived hawkish on QE withdraws from Fed Chairman race, Markets Rebound
  28. FOMC- STARTS: Tapering 85, 75, 70, 60, No Change: QE Decision -world watches
  29. Quantitative Easing- Easing : The Journey is tough the destination is clear
  30. SPANNING THE DIVIDE: Merkel wins, Germany expresses solidarity with Unified Europe
  31. FISCAL CLIFF: US heads to shutdown as funding expire on Oct 1st, Treasury borrowing running thin
  32. Resurgent Rupee: FX reserves rise, Global Funds buy 2$ Billion, INR up 5.5% best in Asia
  33. OOPS: US government Shut- Down?, Italian government collapse - Risk Returns
  34. US Senate rejects House budget bill as shutdown looms
  35. SHUTDOWN: US shutdown gives boost to QE hopes, emerging markets rally.
  36. DEADLOCK: US Government shutdown 7th Day: $16.7 Trillion debt limit- $15.68 Trillion GDP.
  37. RUMBLES: A U.S. Default Seen as Catastrophe Dwarfing Lehman's Demise
  38. WORK WORRIES: Forecast US unemployment to hold above tapering threshold of 6.5%.
  39. NO TAPER: US Jobs miss target, $85 Billion per month stimulus seen continuing
  40. INDIA STORY: Rupee volatility at 12-week low as global funds by $1.8 billion of stocks.
  41. CONTINENT: Euro gains as US, Japan and UK print money, ECB refrains.
  42. ENTER THE SAMURAI: Japan retail sales zoom, unemployment drops, GDP rises
  43. UPTICK: Forecast: Spain's 3rd Quarter GDP may rise by 0.1% ending recession.
  44. TAPER TIME?: US Services ISM Index zooms, signals economic revival
  45. ECB RATE DECISION : Forecast: EU economy declined 0.3% 2013 vs. 0.7% 2012
  46. SURPRISES: ECB cuts rates to 0.25% citing deflation, US jobs double than expected.
  47. 1st LADY: Janet Yellen faces a confirmation hearing on Nov. 14 for Fed. Governor.
  48. GO SLOW: EU, Japan, UK, India- indicators slide, amid worries of US tapering.
  49. YELLEN SPEAK: U.S. Economy Must Improve Before Fed Tapers QE.
  50. SAMURAI STIMULUS: Yen shorts rise as BoJ starts meeting.
  51. GROUND ZERO: Bernanke- "Fed fund target near zero even after stimulus ends".
  52. 10 YEARS: Iran signs accord on "Nuclear Activity", Brent Oil falls 2.2%.
  53. OPTIMISTIC: India's trade deficit falls to $5.2 billion, 3 year low, and swap lines get in $34 billion
  54. GOOD TIMES: US unemployment, China trade surplus, German industry, India deficit.
  56. NO SHUTDOWN: US Government signs deal on automatic spending cuts, deficit to reduce by $23 billion.
  57. CONTINENT: Euro-Zone' Industrial Output' may inch into the black, euro rises for the 7th day.
  58. STIMULUS: US contemplate reducing $85 billion, Japan to continue with $68 billion-Per Month.
  59. FOMC: Fed starts 2 day meeting, world divided on tapering as US inflation shows an up-tick.
  60. DIVIDED: Opinion: 60% probability that the Fed will "taper", FOMC rate decision today
  61. ERA TO END: Fed to cut stimulus to $75 billion from $85 billion from January 2014.
  62. DGCX Trading Volumes Reach New Highs in 2013
  63. WINTER BLUES: U.S. Jobs rise least since Jan. 2011, tapering concerns taper.
  64. CONSENSUS-U.S. economic recovery is strong enough to withstand a reduction in QE.
  65. JAPAN: Yen rises 1.2% as central bank holds stimulus at $67.3 billion per month.
  66. DRAGONS & EAGLES: China manufacturing falls, US stimulus decision, emerging markets melt
  67. STORM ABATES: Turkey & China take measures emerging markets recover, FOMC tomorrow
  68. DGCX Average Daily Volume Grows 6% in February
  69. DGCX Gold Future Shine in March
  70. EAGLE -SOARING: Federal Reserve Chair said she expects rates to increase this year
  71. PAUSE US GDP and Consumer Confidence falls- Cloud on US rate hike
  72. SEE-SAW: US Manufacturing rises, EUR-USD falls to 1.0931 on US rate hike chances
  73. DGCX Market Analysis
  74. CONTINENT: Euro Zone Inflation shows uptick, Greece may get deal, USD falls
  75. OPTIMISTIC: ECB Governor says Euro-Zone Economy on a rise, denies expansion of QE
  76. Launch Pad:The new "Indian Rupee Quanto Contract" listed on DGCX today, clocks over 10,000 lots in first 4 hours of trading
  77. Gold shines post FOMC meeting
  78. Euro group meeting on Greece woes
  79. Ray of hope on Greece, Markets up globally
  80. FED's Governor eyes on 2 Interest rate hike this year
  81. European Union Meeting in Brussels over Greece Crisis
  82. Greece Failed to Reach an Agreement, EU Leaders to Meet Again on Saturday
  83. Greece Imposed Capital Controls After Failure to Reach Deal
  84. Middle-Earth 30th Jun-15 : Greece Hours Away to Default
  85. US Rate Hike - 36% probability, as Jobs data rises
  86. IMF PPP: INR most undervalued by -67.9%, CHF most overvalued by +43.7%
  87. GREECE NO: 61% Vote against austerity, Greek exit? Who will pay the debt?
  88. GREECE RIPPLES: Commodity markets fall, currencies strengthen versus EUR
  89. Greece Exit, China Stock Rout, Commodities Free Fall
  90. DRAGON GASPS: China Stock Rout , Causes Concern
  91. GREECE WOES: 50 billion euros in collateral & tough reforms passed by Wed
  92. Greece may get resolved and Iran deal may go through
  93. EAGLE OR HAWK: All Eyes on Fed Chair Yellen's semi-annual monetary policy testimony
  94. THE REVERSAL: US -End of QE start of rate hikes- Is the crisis over?
  95. Commodity Index 13 year low, Gold 5 year low, CAD and AUD 6 years low
  96. AuO2-2.8$ B value erodes in Gold ETFs, Assets Shrink by 530$ M, Commodity Stocks Crash
  97. Indian Central Banks warns Corporate India against complacency due to low Rupee Volatility
  98. Markets wait for Fed Rate Decision- July 29th, amidst a commodity melt down
  99. US Jobless Claims at a 40 year low, September rate hike gets momentum
  100. Gold declines for 5 straight weeks, Holdings in Gold ETFs fall
  101. China stocks continue slide, PMI declines, is the Global Engine Slowing?
  102. US Fed hints at a rate hike in September, all eyes on Friday Jobs data
  103. MODERN TIMES: Stimulus, 0% interest rates, Currency devaluations- CNY devalues by 1.9%
  104. WAR: Yuan's fall sparks currency wars in emerging markets, Ruble falls more
  105. India's exports fall 10.3% July 8th Month of Declines
  106. Emerging Markets Currencies longest decline since 2000
  107. US Fed's FOMC Minutes today after best housing data in 8 years
  108. Fed's indicates delay in hike, EU seals Greece deal, All eyes on China
  109. EM currencies melt , Oil falls, Stocks tumble- Panic or Correction?
  110. Stocks, Commodities, EM Currencies continue Rout
  111. Markets Shun Panic, Fed rate hike probability falls to 26% in Sep
  112. US GDP rose 3.2% in Quarter Two, Fed says Sep hike doubtful
  113. Oil Jumps most in 6 years, Good US data, Fed Rate Hike back on agenda?
  114. Fed, reiterates "Hike" as probability of September rate rise rises
  115. China, US, EU Manufacturing Melts , Australia GDP growth drops 50%
  116. US ADP Report points to good Payrolls Friday, Last major data before Fed Sep meet
  117. ECB talks of more stimulus , US Fed talks of Rate Hike- Emerging Markets?