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  14. Gold falls
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  16. Swiss Franc Trading Higher, Ahead Of The Swiss KOF Leading Indicator
  17. Bearish momentum on GBP/JPY!
  18. Bullish trend on Gold (XAU/USD).
  19. Important resistant point (0.7710 ) of AUD/USD!
  20. Bulls are active on GBP/USD!
  21. Gold passed-out resistant level 1250.00!
  22. NZD/USD: Range between 0.68815 to 0.73107!
  23. Higher swing points of EUR/USD.
  24. GBP/JPY is below support level 138.47!
  25. Bulls are accumulating on EUR/USD!
  26. Sellers are dominating Gold!
  27. EUR/USD is near on weekly resistant level!
  28. Clear Buy Momentum of EUR/USD!
  29. GBP/JPY: On the way of daily support!
  30. EUR/JPY Analysis: Nearest support level 125.81.
  31. EUR/USD Market analysis.
  32. Gold Analysis!
  33. Bulls are dominating GBPUSD, broken resistant level so smoothly!
  34. Selling opportunity is on USD/JPY.
  35. Buy Opportunity on USD/CAD.
  36. AUD/USD is just above the daily support level.
  37. Sell Opportunity on EUR/USD.
  38. Sell Pressure is increasing on AUDJPY!
  39. EUR/USD rejected from 1.1963 level.
  40. GBP/JPY- Weekly analysis.
  41. GBPUSD Analysis.
  42. AUDCAD Analysis.
  43. Buyers are accumulating on AUDUSD!
  44. EURUSD- Sellers are accumulating gradually, next target 1.1589
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  47. The Psychology of Pro FX Traders Documentary
  48. Strategies for trading forex
  49. What It Means to "Go Short" in the Forex Market
  50. How to Excel in Forex Money Exchange
  51. Top Tips for Part-Time Forex Traders
  52. Low Risk Forex Trading
  54. The Best Forex Currency Pairs to Trade
  55. Why Forex Trading is growing
  56. How to be a forex expert
  57. Forex 1-minute scalping strategies explained
  58. Analytical Tools for Beginner Forex Traders
  59. Forex trading: 6 common misconceptions
  60. Popular Strategies For Successful Traders
  61. GBP/USD Forecast Today
  62. Bank of England did not change its policy.