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Myforexforums Rules


User Profiles
Thread titles
Stay on topic
Linking to content on other websites
Posting of Images
Posting Copyrighted Material
Commercial Posts
Abusive or disruptive behavior or content

Friendly, Respectful and Welcoming
Avoid Getting Personal
Disruptive or repetitive posting

Non-contributive posts
Deceptive, Dishonest, Illegal or Fraudulent Posting
Use of obscene or offensive language/material
Discussion of Moderator Actions
Private Messages, Emails and Myforexforums Chat
When you believe someone has violated the rules
Consequences of Rule Violations and Discipline
Appealing disciplinary action
Changes to and scope of rules

Welcome to Myforexforums. Built by and for frequent travelers, Myforexforums is the world's largest website to find a whole world of educational material, Latest ideas, tips and tricks, trading FAQs, latest trading techniques, technical analysis, market commentaries, latest news and many more things.
As with any large community, the quality of your experience depends upon the goodwill, consideration and civility of everyone. While participating here, you are expected to be respectful and helpful. The following rules help guide everyone toward that goal. By posting on Myforexforums, you agree to be governed by these rules.
Myforexforums is overseen by a group of volunteer moderators. When posts don't comply with these rules, the moderators may remove or edit them or request that you do so. Moderators will use their best judgment and common sense will prevail in situations that are not explicitly addressed by these rules. Members who violate the rules may see their posts edited or deleted and face disciplinary action, up to and including the revocation of posting privileges.
We hope you enjoy your time with us — learning and sharing the many ways to online trading.
1. Usernames

To post on Myforexforums, you must register for an account and select a username. The following rules apply to usernames:

Usernames cannot be a URL or an email address.
They must contain only characters of the Roman alphabet and/or Arabic numerals.
They are subject to all the other rules of Myforexforums (e.g. those that forbid the furthering of illegal or fraudulent activities, the use of profanity, vulgarity, hatred, abusiveness and harassment). In other words, appropriateness is required.
If your username is long, please incorporate spaces so that it does not distort the column width, or it may be changed by an administrator.
You may not use multiple usernames and doing so will subject you to suspension of all usernames you have registered.
Should you have second thoughts regarding your choice of a username, one-time changes can be arranged by contacting the forum Administrator.

2. User Profiles

You are allowed to create a profile containing information about yourself. The following rules apply to profiles on Myforexforums:

Profiles are subject to the rules governing all Myforexforums content (e.g. those which forbid the furthering of illegal or fraudulent activities, the use of profanity, vulgarity, hatred, abusiveness and harassment).
Use your profile to share information such as your location, your trade style, and similar information.
Don't place information in your profile that is more suitable for a signature. (See Rule 3 — Signatures).
Place spaces between words so that your profile does not distort the column width.
You are encouraged to use caution with the information you include in your profile — it's strongly suggested that you guard your privacy.
You may include a picture of yourself in your user profile. Images and emoticons may not be inserted into any other profile fields.

3. Signatures

A personalized signature is available to you once you have achieved 180 posts and 180 days as a member. Because these signatures appear at the bottom of every post you make, the following rules apply in order to minimize distraction within the forums:

Signatures are subject to the rules governing all Myforexforums content (e.g. those which forbid the furthering of illegal or fraudulent activities, the use of profanity, vulgarity, hatred, abusiveness and harassment).
Affiliate or referral links resulting in any form are not permitted in signatures. Other commercial signatures are not allowed.
Signatures of a religious or political are not allowed.
Graphically, your signature must conform to the following standards:

Use no larger than the Myforexforums default posting font size.
Limit it to two lines.
Limit the use of emoticons or other highlighting characters/symbols/other keystrokes to 2 (total) per signature.
Do not use spaces, characters, symbols or other keystrokes that stretch your signature beyond standard column widths.
Do not use all-caps, alternating caps, alternating use of color, or other unconventional methods of attracting attention to your signature. Two emoticons, characters, symbols or other key strokes in addition to text are permitted.
Do not place your username in your signature as it already appears in all of your posts.
Do not embed images of any kind in your signature.

Should you wish to not see signatures at all, you may shut them off. You can do so in the Edit Options (http://myforexforums.com/profile.php?do=editoptions) section of your personal profile. If you have any questions as to whether your intended signature is acceptable, or to report a signature you believe violates the rules, contact the forum administrator.
4. Thread titles

Please create thread titles that are specific and descriptive and that contain an accurate (not misleading or sensational) characterization of the topic. If you wish to change your thread's title, please contact a moderator. Moderators may also edit thread titles to clarify content.
5. Stay on topic

Myforexforums exists for the discussion of online trading and the related financial market experience. With the exception of the few areas specifically designated for the discussion of other topics, confine your comments as closely as possible to these topic areas and to the topic of the thread and forum in which you are posting.
6. Cross-Posting

Don't post your topic more than once. Duplicate threads or posts will be deleted, combined or locked. You may cross reference a post in another forum. For example, if you are questioning whether 2 topics may be the best fit for you, post the primary question in first topic and then post a link to second topic.
7. Linking to content on other websites

Myforexforums is here for the purpose of sharing meaningful information. Don't simply post a link by itself to another source, such as an article or blog. (See also, Rule 9 — Posting Copyrighted Material.) Posts containing such links should contain enough information so as to be contributive to Myforexforums itself.
If linking to your own blog, to a blog on behalf of someone, or to a blog of which you are a periodic or regular contributor, you must identify that fact in your post and you must include enough content for the Myforexforums post to stand on its own without following the link. Do not post repeatedly in a manner that has the effect or purpose of driving traffic to a blog or website.
Posts that do not conform to these rules may be deleted and repetitive offenses may subject the poster to discipline.
8. Posting of Images

You may embed non-animated images in your posts. Your images must conform to all Myforexforums content rules, must convey relevant, on-topic information and are not allowed in signature lines or user profiles other than in the space designated in your profile for your picture. (See also, Rule 2 — User Profiles.) Please size your images large enough to get your point across but not so that they distort Myforexforums standard column widths. Also please upload all images in Myforexforums upload center in this address: http://myforexforums.com/upload
9. Posting Copyrighted Material

Do not post information protected by copyright or owned by another without the owner's consent. If you infringe on someone else's rights you will be held solely responsible. Neither Myforexforums nor its owner shall be held responsible for information you post that may violate copyright law.
When posting a news article or other published information, credit the source of the information and give a brief, one-to-three paragraph summary or clip of the content, providing an appropriate link and/or cite to its source.
Myforexforums's Infringement Policy, found in its Legal Notices disclosure, is made a part of this rule and nothing in this rule is meant to conflict with that Infringement Policy.
10. Commercial Posts

Posts of a commercial nature on Myforexforums are limited to the following:

All other posts of a commercial nature – whether in a post, signature or profile – are prohibited. In this rule, commercial posts include those containing promotional messages for commercial products or services, including but not limited to internet sites and business advertisements.
Myforexforums is not a marketplace and nothing may be offered for sale or barter.
If you are serious about your advertisement, then we can come up with a legal and ethical way to do that. You can choose any of the following options for advertisement:

Advertise exchange: Its simple, lets exchange the advertisement banners. You advertise us, we advertise you.
Paid Advertisement: If you don’t want to promote our sponsor’s website, then you can make a payment to purchase advertising space in our forum. Tariffs are mentioned below.

11. Abusive or disruptive behavior or content

11.1 Friendly, Respectful and Welcoming
Myforexforums is a community and is intended to be a friendly, helpful and collegial place.
Please post in a friendly, respectful, welcoming manner. 'Snarky,' unfriendly posts will not be allowed. If you don't have something constructive to contribute to a thread, please do not post.
Unhelpful posts, such as "Do a search" or those that merely comment on the worthiness of others' posts or threads are neither friendly nor welcoming and will not be allowed. If you can't be helpful or contribute substantive content to a thread, please refrain from posting.
11.2 Avoid Getting Personal
If you have a difference of opinion with another member, challenge the idea — NOT the person. Getting personal with another member is not allowed. Personal attacks, insults, baiting and flaming will not be tolerated.
Myforexforums is a diverse, multi-cultural community. Expressions of prejudice or discrimination in any form are not permitted (such as those concerning race, nationality, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc).
If another member gets personal with you, do not retaliate. Retaliation may well subject you to the same discipline. Instead, please use the 'Alert a moderator to this thread' button in the lower-left-hand-corner of each post, send a note explaining your concern to the moderator team, and leave it to them to handle. Please also see Rule 20 — When you believe someone has violated the rules.
11.3 Disruptive or repetitive posting
Posts that are inflammatory, inciting or unnecessarily provocative are not allowed.
Disrupting a forum by repetitively posting comments of the same general theme or 'piling-on' by posting merely to reinforce or bump a prior post of a disruptive nature are both examples of disruptive posting and not permitted.
12. Non-contributive posts

Posts must be contributive to the thread and/or the topic of the forum.
All content must be of a size and color such that it is comfortably readable.
13. Post-Padding

Post-padding or other methods of repeated posting to artificially inflate a post count, enhance visibility on the board, or for any other reason, are not allowed.
14.Deceptive, Dishonest, Illegal or Fraudulent Posting

Posts that misquote or mischaracterize other posts or members, or contain deceptive, dishonest or knowingly inaccurate information are not allowed.
Supporting, encouraging or promoting illegal activity or fraud upon an individual or company is prohibited.
15. Use of obscene or offensive language/material

Posts containing obscene, profane, vulgar, abusive, hateful, threatening, harassing, or otherwise offensive language or material will not be tolerated.
Using symbols, spaces or other methods to mask vulgarities is not allowed.
If you consider a post by another member to fit into this category, please refer it to the moderator team for action and refrain from drawing further attention to it by posting a reply.
16. Cyber-bullying

Posts that stalk or harass other posters in any way are strictly prohibited.
17. Discussion of Moderator Actions

Moderators value your private views and feedback related to their actions and duties. You may submit appropriate feedback to moderators by private message or e-mail. Do not post comments about moderator decisions or actions, or about the work of moderators, unless a moderator has invited members to post feedback in a particular thread.
Any concerns about the actions of a moderator should be directed exclusively and privately to the Community Director (CommunityDirector@FlyerTalk.com).
18. Private Messages, Emails and Myforexforums Chat

The Myforexforums private messaging, email and chat systems are subject to the same rules as Myforexforums posts. If you have received a message that you believe violates the rules, contact a moderator or senior moderator. The posting or otherwise sharing of a private communication, such as an email or private message without the author's permission, whether on Myforexforums or elsewhere, is not permitted.
19. Privacy

Respect the privacy of other members and non-members. Do not post private information of others. Do not post restricted contact information, such as elite access telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses, which is not otherwise made publicly available by the company or program.
20. When you believe someone has violated the rules

When you believe someone has violated the rules of Myforexforums, DO NOT respond by posting in a thread. Instead, report the post to a Moderator, either by Private Message, or by sending a note by clicking on the "Alert a Moderator to this Post" icon, which appears in the lower-left-hand-corner of each post. Then, please leave the issue to the moderator team to handle — do not post your concern in the thread.
21. Consequences of Rule Violations and Discipline

Violations of Myforexforums Rules subject you to one or more of the following consequences:

edit or deletion of the concerned post or thread;
reduction of post count;
exclusion from posting in specified forums; and
Formal warning, suspension or revocation of Myforexforums membership and posting privileges.

22. Appealing disciplinary action

If you receive discipline, including the limiting of access to a forum, you may appeal to the Community Director (info@myforexforums.com). Your appeal should specify the discipline imposed, the moderator's or administrator's stated reasons for it and concisely state the basis for your appeal.
Send your appeal to the Community Director via this Contact Us page. The Community Director's decisions related to all appeals shall be final.
23. Reinstatement

Not less than one year after revocation of membership, you may seek reinstatement by addressing your request to the Community Director (info@myforexforums.com). In such a request, please provide a concise statement of the basis, including the date and grounds for your revocation. If the request is denied, a subsequent request cannot be made for at least one additional year, except as stipulated by the Community Director (info@myforexforums.com).
24. Changes to and scope of rules

Myforexforums reserves the right to make changes to these rules at any time. As it is impossible to address in these rules every situation which may arise on Myforexforums, posts made to these forums may be disallowed even if one of these rules does not expressly prohibit the post.