Dear Trader,

We are happy to inform you that PCM Brokers managed to negotiate better deals with our liquidity providers on the Indices for our valued traders. Now you can trade Indices with much smaller minimum lot size at better spreads. In order to make this operational, we had to introduce new symbol names.
You will be able to close any open positions that you may have on the below symbols, but they will not accept opening new positions from 3rd September 2020 onwards:
S&P500.mic S&P500.min S&P500.lev
S&P500m.mic S&P500m.min S&P500m.lev
NSD100.mic NSD100.min NSD100.lev
NSD100m.mic NSD100m.min NSD100m.lev
WST30.mic WST30.min WST30.lev
WST30m.mic WST30m.min WST30m.lev
DAX.mic DAX.min DAXm

Here is the list of the new symbol names that you are provided for trading. The contract size is 1 for all new symbols.
New Symbols

Additionally, you will enjoy the reduced spreads and higher maximum trading lots size.
For any queries or assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Order Desk Team