The best tools that it is used for trading and analysis of the market are the strong tools that help for reading of the chart well and help the trader to find the proper way or direction of the market at the time of trading and so the trader will not be confused and will be able to follow the strong way of the market.

1- The trend, this is the best tool that tell us about the current movement of the market and help us also to determine the future movement if the trend is strong enough and will continue moving in its direction and following of the trend always profitable and always makes the traders win especially if the trader trade with the trend on the high time frames.

2- Support and resistance levels are a good tool also for determine of the best and strong levels that can the trader trade with and so this will decrease the risk and will let the trader to make money and also will let the trader to determine the best entry and exit positions and also determine the points of stop loss.

3- Candlestick patterns also are good for trading especially if the candlestick follow the trend and so this will give good confirmation for entrance of the market and let the trader to open positions and make money, also the candlestick patterns can also give good confirmation with the help of support and resistance levels too.